Our History

I am so glad you decided to land on this page; We are working in Orthopedic Implant since 12 years. We are basically R&D people and already have 5 patents in the field of Middle Ear Prosthesis, Orthopedic Implants, Antibiotic Eluting Orthopedic Implants and all products are doing well in the market. We invest 30 % of our budget in R&D. We are also actively involved in Manufacturing, Clinical Trial & Marketing.

Our most successful product is Antibiotic Eluting Orthopedic Implants. Implant is coated with antibiotic & biodegradable osteoconductive polymer that gives sustain release of antibiotic in local area up to 1 month. The purpose is to prevent infection in the patients who are susceptible to infection like Diabetic, Open fracture cases and Poly Trauma.  

Our Orthopedic Products

Proximal humerus plate
Herburt Screw
Pelvic Plate
TMT Plate
Bone Screw
Cancellous Screw
LHS Screw
Canulated Cancellous Screw
Poly Screw
Poly Reduction Screw
Proximal femoral Nail
Sympathyseal Plate