Prosthetic Leg




Mylimb Prosthetic Leg

  • Mylimb prosthetic  foot meet the functional needs for shock absorption and energy-storing response, lightweight as well, strong, as it will be taking on huge force and torque as you walk and run. 
  • Being light, strong, small, and yet functional and durable. The prosthetic foot is designed to mimic a human foot at a specific activity level. Mylimb prosthetic foot mimics a normal foot during the act of walking. 
  • It acts as a shock absorber as you strike your heel to the ground, adapts to uneven terrain, provides a smooth rollover from heel to toe, and provides a rigid lever for propelling forward when you finish your step (“toe-off”).



  • Sizes: 18 cm , 20 cm, 22 cm 24cm
  • User Weight Rating: 160 kg (max)
  • Product weight: 260 grams small size foot and 300 grams big size foot.
  • Connector:  customize
  • Stiffness Level : according to Impact level and weight
  • 1 year warranty

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