Bonenkar Basal Dental implants can replace missing teeth and restore masticatory function. Advantages are like only one surgery required, teeth placement within 2 days and surgery and implant cost is drastically reduced.

First Choice of

Dentists,Implantologist, Orthodontist & Dental surgeon

Because our Basal Implant’s initial stability is 40 % higher comparing to any other single thread profile Basal Implant (testing done in NABL approved Lab).

And Our product’s cost is less Compared to imported implants 

We Solve Real Problems

What will our basal Implants do?

Cortical threads at distal region of implant that engage in cortical bone. Cortical threads have deep and sharp thread angle which allows threads to wedge easily in hard cortical bone.

Cancellous threads at superior region to cortical threads that engage in cancellous bone in alvelor region. Cancellous thread is a combination of two threads, Base thread and top thread  which is small sharp thread formed on the top of base thread. 

Base thread has 3 distinct features.

Minor thread diameter is bigger than cortical thread

  Threads are broader and shallower than cortical tread

Conical thread profile

here is the process that We use for sterilization

Step by step Procedure of Degreasing , Decontamination, Vacuum dry heat sterilization , Blister Packing and Ethylene Oxide sterilization of Basal Dental implant.

Learning with Earning Expierence

We arrange Dental implants training at your clinic

  • Arrange full mouth surgery in your clinic.
  • Experts will do the surgery and also gives you 3 days Intensive Hands on Training on Basal Cortical Implantology.

Day 1

  • Introduction of Basal Cortical Implantology & Immediate functional loading
  • Understanding of Bone Mechanics
  • Rules of Immediate loading with Basal Implants
  • Live Surgery Of Full Mouth case with bending of Implants and Impression making

Day 2

  • Various Implants Design and its implications.
  • Principals of Treatment Planning
  • Understanding of Prosthetics Factors and Occlusion and maintenance phase
  • Metal Try-In and Jaw relation record

Day 3

  • Case Completion with final Prosthesis delivery
  • Learning of various cases with discussion
  • Hands on with STL model of Patients (with actual Implants)
  • Certificate Distribution.

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